St. Joseph Missouri City Directories. #records

Felissa Lashley

I am trying to locate the 1923, 1924, and 1925 ST. JOSEPH, MO city directories. I have tried the local historical societies and they have not been able to help. I am looking for two names in these: GOLDIE LISHINSKY who is my grandmother and the name LASHLEY. They had a grocery store that might have been on Charles St. I have found a record of my father, JACOB LISHINSKY, in 1923 at Central High School there. They were only in ST.. JOSEPH for one or two years before returning to New York.
I am hoping someone can tell me where I might find this record that would give me their address. I appreciate any help anyone can provide on this.
Thank you very much.
Felissa Lashley
Austin, Texas

Matt Friedman

Good Morning Everyone,
I sent this response to Felisa, but since there might be other researchers interested in St. Jospeph the response to jer is below.
Asa general note...rabbis tend to be a good source of information about local Jewish communities.  They may not have all the info, but they know where to look and who has knowledge....
Hi Felisa,
I was the rabbi at Temple Adath Joseph in St. Joe from 1995 to 1999.  At one time there was a good sized Jewish population with several active synagogues.  Currently only Temple Adath Joseph remains.  The congregation has a Facebook page.  
The St. Jospeh public library has a genealogy page on its website that includes city directories.
There is also a northwest Missouri genealogical society that has a website.
The challenge is the fact of whether or not your ancestors were present when the records were collected.
Good luck with your research.
Rabbi Matt Friedman


Ancestry has the 1924 city directory but not 1923:or 1925. Besides the local library suggested above, there is a state of Missouri historical website where I’ve found listings for other Missouri towns.  

Sharon Fleitman
Atlanta, Georgia

Steve Chernoff

On Sun, Nov 29, 2020 at 05:47 PM, Felissa Lashley wrote:
Neither last name is in the 1924 St Joseph City Directory (Ancestry dot com).  The Mid-Continent Public Library - Midwest Genealogy Center in Independence does not show 1922 or 1923.  They have 1921 and 1924.  Also couldn't find any listing in the St Joseph Gazette nor the St Joseph News for those years.  No hits in Anita Loeb's Jewish Burials in Kansas City database.

Steve Chernoff
Lenexa, KS


-Continent Public Library -Midwest Genealogy Center

Jay Lechtman

On my list for future research is the LECHTMAN family in St. Joseph. I don't know if there is any connection with my family, but our surname is not a common one. 
I know that there was a Brig. General Cusil Lechtman who led a Missouri National Guard unit in the Spanish-American War and a number of Lechtmans in both St. Joseph and Kansas City.

Jay Lechtman


LECHTMAN/LEKHTMAN (Snitivka, Ukraine and Chisinau, Moldova)
SLEPKOW (Chisinau, Moldova)
DRESSLER (Podvolochisk, Ukraine)
HERBST (Mikulintsy, Ukraine)
RUDNITSKY (Telechany, Belarus)
RABINOWITZ (Kosova, Belarus)
ABRAMOWITZ (Bucharest, Romania)
ROSENTHAL (Iasi, Romania)

Steve Chernoff

Reviewing my database gives me:
Dr Isaac Lechtman and Yetta Rose Kahn had the following children:
Nathan (Myrna)
Cusil (Jennie)
Sophia C
Dora C
Issie (Mary)
I have dates of birth and death and obituaries if you want. There were 2 more sons who moved to Long Island:Benjamin and Sam.  I don't have their info.  There was another daughter Leona who married Herman Cherniss.
Steve Chernoff

Linda Higgins

Look for the libraries in St.Joseph. They usually have old city directories.  There should be a button on the website that says "Ask A Librarian". Tell them what you are looking for and they can probably help. If they don't have the directory they will probably know who does.

Linda Gordon Higgins

Rose Feldman

Years ago I visited the Newberry Public Library in Chicago that had almost a whole floor dedicated to genealogy and had many directories from various areas  around Illinois.  Worthwhile checking -
The Newberry has been collecting genealogy and local history materials since 1887. Staff at the Genealogy and Local History desk can help you explore the Newberry’s rich collections of family histories; local histories; censuses, probate, deed, court, tax, and cemetery records; military rosters; periodicals; genealogical guides; and reference works.



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