Sephardic genealogy meeting - "My Heart is in the East..." #sephardic #announcements

David Mendoza

"My Heart is in the East..." Financial support for Eretz Israel from the
farthest West

Support for the Jewish community in 'Terra Santa' was one of the earliest
obligations that the Amsterdam and London Sephardic congregations took upon
themselves. Over the course of centuries, they placed great value in
fulfilling this charitable obligation. The money ensured that many Jews and
Jewish institutions could survive in Ottoman Palestine.

In this Sunday's World meeting, Ton Tielen shares his research in the
Amsterdam and London Sephardic archives. He will show how there were closer
ties between eastern and western Sephardic communities than is generally
known. The activities of these communities, followed by philanthropy of Sir
Moses Montefiore, a prominent member, was part of the foundations on which
the Zionist movement later built.

Time: Sunday Dec 6, 2020. 2pm NYC, 7pm London, 8pm Amsterdam/Paris, 9pm

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David Mendoza and Ton Tielen