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Dale Melanie

  Where might Sokolitshen be?  Translation in book: Peretz Gruman, Idis Gruman, Shmuel Gruman, Bracha Gruman. who were killed by the Nazi murderers in the town of Sokolitshen in 1942. 
Dale Pastor 
Bessarabia SIG, Researcher 67010
Researching LACHTER and BERENSTEIN in Kamenka, Moldova


From loctown on JewishGen, it would seem to be: Suhuluceni (or Sukhulucheni, Sukuluchen', Sukhulucheny all given as alternative spellings)
With map coordinates:

Jerrold Landau



My paternal  great-grandmother, Tsarna Bernstein, was born in Teleneshti.  My maternal grandmother, Chave Spiwak (changed from Glattstein) was born in Shukelten (sp). I was told that is now Cioceltani.

Gina Glazer


The two towns: Cioceltani mentioned in Gina's response, and Suhuluceni mentioned in my earlier response, are 8.7 kilometers from each other, according to JewishGen loctown. Both are in the vicinity of Teleneshti. So both would be possibilities, albeit Suhuluceni seems to be phonetically closer to the Suhuluceni version that Dale asked about. 

Jerrold Landau  (Translator of the portions of the Telenshty YB that is online at JewishGen)