Help please with Jewish Family research in Turkey #names

Trish Lane

Has anyone had any luck with searching Jewish family history in Turkey in Constantinople.  I have been trying for years and have visited twice briefly.  I have written to the Grand Rabbi several times, to the Ashkenazi community, to Daniel Kazez, have paid a worker in the Archives when I was there, all to no avail. The records have either been destroyed or there are no records or perhaps I don't have enough information.  The script and language has changed as well. I understand my grandfather, his mother and 2 sisters were all born in Konstantinopel and the Rosenstein or Rattner family had a business there.
I would be so grateful for any suggestions.
Best Wishes,
Patricia Lane

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Have you tried the site of the Israel National Library?  They have lots of material about communities around the world, including books in the library and documents in the archives.  

best success,
Vivian Silbermann