Lesson learned #dna #lithuania #ukraine

sharon yampell

I have been working on my family tree for just over 15 years and I recently learned a huge lesson, just because someone tells you that your family comes from one place, does not necessarily mean it is the right place.


My maternal grandfather had always  told me his family came from Kunev, which is near Ostrog.  So when I tried to research his family, that is where I have always looked.  Then recently while searching through my DNA matches, I came across someone with a variation of his last name that was from Ireland.  I researched the names she had on her tree, which brought me to some other trees that had some of the older relatives she did not have and lo and behold, it showed that my grandfather’s family actually came from Lithuania…


This was a huge discovery for me since I was wondering, how did my great great grandfather meet my great great grandmother if her family was from Zagare in  Lithuania and he was from Kunev?  Somehow, my 2x great grandparents met in and later left Zagare and made their way to Kunev and that is where my great grandfather and his siblings were born.  It is my guess that my grandfather never knew, and maybe even his father never knew that the family was originally from Lithuania.


Sharon F. Yampell

Voorhees, New Jersey