Bochnia 1847 Cadastral Map – now on the Gesher Galicia Map Room #poland #galicia #ukraine

Jay Osborn

New on the Gesher Galicia Map Room: An incomplete 1847 cadastral map
of the town of Bochnia:

This is a full-color, accurate and highly-detailed map of Bochnia
(known as Salzberg in the German language of the Habsburg Empire),
regrettably missing the center map sheet covering the northern half of
the town and the centuries-old commercial salt works for which the
town is famous. But the surviving sheets include the southern half of
the residential and commercial center of Bochnia, including a large
cattle market, plus outlying hamlets and what appears to be an
enterprise for production of bricks or other materials. This stitched
digital composite map was assembled and presented in interactive
format by Gesher Galicia. The original paper map is preserved by the
Archiwum Narodowe w Krakowie.

The image attached to this post is a low-resolution preview; to see
the complete interactive map at full resolution, click the link above
and zoom in.

To see many more cadastral maps of Galician cities, towns, and
villages, visit the Gesher Galicia Map Room:

Jay Osborn
Gesher Galicia Digital Maps Manager
Lviv, Ukraine