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My husband's great grandfather, Moritz Lehman, emigrated to the US in 1863.  He was born in Sampelburg, Germany in 1850, and eventually settled in Pueblo, Colorado.  (His son, Eugene Heitler Lehman, was the first American Rhodes scholar)..  I have been unable to find any information about his parents or earlier family.  Any ideas?

Deborah Winfield

Rodney Eisfelder

You said: "He was born in Sampelburg, Germany..."

I suspect that the town you are looking for is Zempelburg, now known as Sepólno Krajenskie in northern Poland. has some films of civil records, but they cover a later period, and are only viewable from their libraries. They don't seem to have specifically Jewish records from the town.

My advice would be to look for American records - the marriage and death certificates of Morris and his siblings. They should name his parents.
Jewishgen's databases include the West Prussia citizenship list of 1812. This is one or two generations earlier than you want, but it includes 19 Lehmanns, one of whom lived in Zempelburg. Leyser Lehmann could be the father, grandfather or even great-grandfather of Moritz, but any of the 19 would be candidate ancestors.

I hope this helps,
Rodney Eisfelder
Melbourne, Australia

Andreas Schwab

There is no town called Sampelburg. One possibility would be Zempelburg, which was part of Germany until WW1 and now is Sępólno Krajeńskie, Poland. Unfortunately, there are no Jewish records prior to 1874 for that town.
Andrea Schwab, Montreal, Canada