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Please translate the marriage of Paul Blumberg and Marianne Herrnheiser in the attached image. The original came from Badatelna at: 

I am particularly interested in the birth town of the groom and what is in the last column. The rest I pretty much understand.

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Larry Bassist
Springville, Utah, USA

Peter Lobbenberg

The template and main text are in German, which was in widespread use in Bohemia at the time.   The groom is a Doctor of Chemistry in Basel (Switzerland), but either his parents are from Pforzheim in Germany, and/or he was born there - I assume the latter, if not both.  The bride is from Prague.
Contrariwise the added note in the last column is indeed in Czech.  So far as I can make it out, it says that the marriage was dissolved by the Prague Civil Court on 31 January 1922.  Perhaps better Czech speakers than me could confirm that? 
Peter Lobbenberg, London, UK

Peter Lobbenberg

Another member, Jan Fertig, has kindly pointed out that the note in the last column reads that the marriage was not dissolved as such, but "cancelled" "due to the declaration of the husband as dead on 31 March 1918".  
Peter Lobbenberg, London, UK

Andreas Schwab

The groom was born in Pforzheim on 24 Aug. 1885, and the bride on 21 Feb 1892 in Prague.  The wedding was on 17 Sep 1914, so the groom was 29 and the bride 22 years old.
Andrea Schwab, Montreal, Canada