Connecting The Dots To Expand Family Tree #ukraine #photographs #names #austria-czech #poland


I have posted 3 photos on View Mate in the hopes someone will recognize the men; if you look at them/explanations in order, it's best.  The listings are # 88955, 88956 & 88957. The first photo, I recall my father saying long ago, was of a maternal cousin. Given that I have a few possibilities based on my research of my HEILPERN family.  My grandmother, Ernestine Lea Heilpern was born in 1881, in Lemberg, Poland (Lviv/Lwow), her mother Fradel STROH, was born there in, 1858, and Fradel's mother, Gittel Rachel PINELES, was also born there, in 1828.  My great-grandmother had a sister, Zirl Stroh, who married, Gedalia Isak RAPPAPORT, and a brother, Leiser Wolf Stroh. Given all that, I would guess the men in the photos are possibly, Strohs, Rappaports, or Pineles'. I think the first 2 photos are of the same man, at different ages, in Lwow  & then in Wien (Vienna). I think the photo with two men is, a father/son shot. Without more solid documentation, I have "found individuals" who may be part of my father's family, but whom I have not yet attached to my tree.  That will have to wait for more 'solid' documentation from reliable sources (not just hints).  If any of the above mentioned names are in YOUR family, then perhaps with a bit of luck, you might help me identify the mystery men in the photos.  I appreciate any help, suggestions about the uniforms seen on the two young men, and most of all, somebody really knowing who these men are! Many thanks.
Leah Heilpern Snider
Silverdale, Washington/ USA