Address of Bursa Zydowskich Wojennych #general

Krzysztof Witaszek

Hello Amnon,
There is one word missing in that title.
I guess it was: "Bursa Żydowskich sierot wojennych", (Lodging house for Jewish war orphans).
or eventualy "Bursa Żydowskich inwalidów wojennych" (lodging house for Jewish war-disabled".
There was an organization in Cracow for Jewish war orphans, war-disabled, war widows (Zjednoczenie Związków Żydowskich Inwalidów, wdów i sierót wojennych R. P  located at  ul. Skawińska 2 ) 
They could have  a lodging hause for kids or students.
There is an article in Polish  "Care for Jewish orphan kids in the Western Little Poland", where is mentioned a lodging hause for the Jewish orphans in Cracow (but no address)
link to the article
There is documentation for Jewish humanitary organizations in the Cracow State Archive and Warsaw State Archive (description in Polish)
for example
Krzysztof Witaszek


My father's address in Krakow before moving to Belgium was Bursa Zydowskich Wojennych.

Does anyone knows what was it?