Yiddish translation of letters #translation

Marla Cohen

My cousin sent me these two letters from her great grandmother. While I can make out a few words I do not have enough knowledge if Yiddish to translate.(Hebrew , yes- Yiddish - no).
Can anyone help?

Marla Cohen , Hartford,Ct.
Researching: KOZAK,ZAURBACH, Kutno,Poland


Dear children Bob and Babra
Live happily with your dear children and your dear parents I thank you for your gift for my ... God should give you health and life, what you do for your old grandma children God will pay you for your good heart: send regards to my grandchildren I don't have who should write for me in English be well with all your beloved ones from me your old grandma Missis Bekof 

To my dear grandchildren Bob and Babra 
Be happy with your children I thank you nicely for your gift to me God will pay you for what you give me health and long life with your love I can't write English I write my language I just spoke to pap and mama they are alright and they told me to write in Yiddish my dear children be well with your children from me your old grandma Ella Bakof
Yitschok Margareten