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Jackie Wasserstein

I have seen the 1811 and 1850 Slutsk, Belarus Revision lists records on Jewishgen.  When I go to the Belarus database I can't find them.  Why aren't they there?  Can someone tell me where to find them again?
Thank you.

Jackie Wasserstein
East Meadow, New York


you should be able to see these records from the main Slutsk page by click on the first Search button "the JewishGen Belarus Database for Slutsk."   From there you need to click on the button next to "Belarus Revision Lists".

Mike Vayser

Jackie Wasserstein

Thanks to all who responded to my query about Slutsk records in the Jewishgen Belarus database. My problem was that I only searched on Minsk Gubernia. Leaving out Minsk and doing a search for all of Belarus produced more records.

However, I believe that there are more records than what appear for my surname, GRANAT, in the 1811 Revision list than appears on the Jewishgen Belarus database. Many years ago I hired a resarcher, who found a large GRANAT family in the 1811 revision list.

Jackie Wasserstein
Eat Meadow, New York

Gerald and Margaret

Why dont you contact The Together Plan, a charity based in London and Belarus, which helps the remaining Jews in the country become self-sufficient.  One of their projects is to undertake genealogical research.  Their huge advantage is they speak the local language and Russian, plus know the ways of the local bureaucracy.


Margaret Levin , London UK

Richard Gilbert

I’ve used The Together Plan too and was very happy with the service Artur Livshyts and his team provided. We were supposed to have travelled to Belarus with them on a customised tour in July but for obvious reasons it was postponed.

Richard Gilbert
Hertfordshire, England