Rothschild, Paderborn, Westphalia+ 1700's #germany

James Rothschild


I have not posted since 2013.
I am [still] searching for my family and wondered if my latest research below may tie in with your familytree?

Isaac Cumpel [Rothschild]
b. c.1710+-

- Cumpel Issac [Rothschild]
b. 1733 d. 1813 Neuhaus?, Paderborn
m. Kigel?

-- Nathan Rothschild
b. 1774 Neuhaus?, Paderborn

-- Isack Cumpel Rothschild
b. 1771 Neuhaus?, Paderborn

-- Coppel [Eggel] Rothschild
b. 1783 Neuhaus?, Paderborn

-- Bendix Rothschild
b. 1787 Neuhaus?, Paderborn

No doubt there are Brothers, Sisters and Spouses missing as well as children.

Not necessarily only Paderborn but the surrounding areas of Germany from Bielefeld to Frankfurt too.

Kind regards,

James Rothschild
James Rothschild


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