Mukachevo area births, 1871-1880 #records


Also recommend Mr Baruch Huber.

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Susan H. Sachs

The registrations for Births, Marriages and Deaths in the Mukachevo area, 1871 - 1880 (it was called Munkacs then) though it's in the Ukraine today - are kept in the Archives of Uzhorod (called Ungvar then) now in the Ukraine.    A wonderfully helpful multi-lingual archivist is:
Bela, or Baruch Huber
email: huberbelay@...

I highly recommend him

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Susan Sachs
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Moishe Miller

To give credit where due, I believe it was actually Sergii V. Fazulyanov who did the scans for Munkacz. 
Moishe Miller
Brooklyn, NY


Moishe Miller
Brooklyn, NY
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Ludwig Mauskopf

Hi Rita

I would like to recommend you the Carpatian Genealogical site:

Go to Record Search tab and you can search based on different criteria

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Ludwig Mauskopf..


Google automatically translated for me.  Google Chrome has a "translate" button that allows you to choose automatic translation of a web page.  The URL proved enormously useful.  I found my great-uncle's birth entry.  He was deported to Auschwitz but, as a doctor, was eventually sent to Dachau where the records show his birth date as exactly two years less than that shown in the birth registry. Sadly, he died in March 1945. 

Thank you Eli.

Tom Beer. Melbourne, Australia


Hi, I could not translate the site.  Could you let me know how to do it?
Also, our Haberman relative came from Minsk.
Thanks, Rita Haberman 


Hi Rita,

Until about a month ago, was a Ukrainian genealogist named Alex Krakovsky who uploaded scans of every page of entire record books onto the Ukrainian wikipedia page for "shtetl". His lists of records violated wikipedia's standards and they were taken down, but if you go to an old version of the page, the list is still there with all the scans. It's not indexed, but you can use google translate in the browser to check what each record means. 

Here's a link for the old version of the wikipedia page with the scans:

Coincidentally, I have Haberman in my family tree from the Mukachevo area (the village of Kalnik) and have a bunch of records already saved. Maybe let me know what you're looking for and I can save you some time.

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Eli Balshan


How can you get subcarpathia birth certificate that is on the Mukachevo area births, 1871-1880 registry?  

Rita Anne Haberman.