Need translation help old German, Hungarian birth certificate #translation


I need translation help with old German and Hungarian birth certificates of my Grandfather and his brother.
I attached the documents below and would be very thankful for it!
Kind regards
Mira Habelman

Mike Coleman

You could also post on the FB site "Genealogical Translations" - free!

Mike Coleman

Nicole Heymans

Could you kindly provide names, act numbers and higher definition scans please? You might do better to post to ViewMate to make enlarging easier.

Nicole Heymans, near Brussels, Belgium

The record are in German - they are records of the Jewish community in Vienna.
If you found them on Family search add the links, otherwise give details (names, dates, record number) so they can be found online.

Jacob Shayzaf,



Thank You everyone, one nice lady of the group translated what I couldn't understand! 
I am very greatful! 
Mira Habelman

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