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Alex Magocsi

Can someone tell me what this disease is in English.  It caused the death of a 3 month old family member in 1894 Nyirbator.
Thank you

Alex Magocsi
Researching Grosz in Nyirbator & Magocsi in Gyula-Jovancza

Marianna Toth

meningitis probably.
Marianna Toth

Klára Majoros

Dear Alex,
it is possibly Encephalitis, the Hungarian phrase says an inflammation in the brain.



“Agylob” means; “agy” is brain, “lob” or “gyulladás” is infection.

Attila Róna

Alex Magocsi

Replying to my own request for translation:

Thank you to each of you.
Google translate didn't help me much but did at least give me the word: brain.
One the next page of the same death register, it is written more clearly as: ágylob

Alex Magocsi


Are you sure there is an accent on the letter a? That changes everything - agy means brain but  ágy means bed....

Robert Hammer
Petah Tikva, Israel

Alex Magocsi

Thank you for the response.
The accent does not appear on the first example, the one in reference to the family member.  
There is an accent on the second example found on the next page.

This is probably why nothing made sense to me.

Alex Magocsi
York Maine / Hamburg Germany


Meningitis is probably right (as Marianne Toth suggests), and so are the suggestions by others that "lob" means inflammation. I found the word "agyha'rtyalob" online on a page of a 19th century Hungarian newspaper (unfortunately deleted it by mistake so cannot give the ref for it).  "Lob" is no longer used in modern Hungarian but it did / does mean inflammation.  The contemporary word for meningitis in Hungarian is  "agyhártyagyulladás." So likely "Agylob" has nothing to do with ágy in this case (which = bed, as Robert Hammer explains). 

Judy Young Drache
Ottawa, Canada 


Dear Everybody                                                28th December 2020

I wonder, if I may add, politely suggest my translation/interpretation  : 'Agy-lob'  --I wonder AGYHARTYA-GYULLADAS

Best wishes to All at Jewish Gen

Veronika Pachtinger London UK

Klára Majoros

Dear Alex and Evrybody,

Agylob and agyhártyalob (agyhártyagyulladás) are two different things.

Agylob refers to the content material of the brain, the cerebrum.
Its inflamation is encephalitis as in a contemporary Hungariam medical dictionary also states:

Agyhártyalob (agyhártyagyulladás) is the inflamation of the meninges, the illness is called  meningitis. Example from the same medical dictionary. 

Klári Majoros