How do I use the "Declaration of Intention" to find the actual naturalization papers? #records


I am researching my Grandfather, Sam KATZ, born in Bucharest, Romania in December, 1900. The Declaration of Intention is dated 6 March, 1922, Southern District of New York, Number 105926. There is a number "346" on the upper left corner of the page. On the upper right, there is a stamp " Duplicate. Dec.22, 1925 ". All information given on this document agrees with other information gleaned from passenger manifests, censuses, and marriage license..except that his birthdate is dubious . I have found a document, Form 142, dated Dec 22, 1925, which I am attaching to this query. With these two papers, how do I then locate his Naturalization papers in the Family Search records ? The 1925 N.Y State Census lists him as an alien, the 1930 US Census shows him as "naturalized".  Sam is my brick wall. I am hoping to find his death records and his burial. Thank-you for any help in this matter.
   Diane Preston
North Stonington, CT.

David Oseas


If you do a keyword search of the FamilySearch catalog (ex: "new york southern declaration"), you will see that they only have two collections of Declarations from the US SDNY court: 1845-1911 and 1924-1925, so your grandfather's declaration in 1922 is not available at FamilySearch.

You can pay to receive a copy from NARA NY once they resume services, post-Covid:

PS: I used the information that you provided and did a search to see if I could locate his final naturalization papers (petition) and could not find anything, so it is likely that he did not complete the naturalization process.

David Oseas

HYMAN/HEYMAN/HEIMOWITS/CHAJMOVITS: Zemplen-Dobra, Hungary > New York;  KLEIN: Satoraljaujhely (Ujhely), Hungary > New York > Los Angeles
Hungary > New York;  OSEAS/OSIAS/OSIASI/OZIAS: Iasi, Romania > Chicago > Milwaukee > Los Angeles
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Moishe Miller


You indicate Sam is your brick wall and you want to find his death record and burial. I presume this is to go back in time. I too could not find Sam after the 1930 census. 

It would seem that this is Sam's 9 Jun 1924 marriage to Ceil Hahn: 
It indicates his parents were Pesach Katz and Freida Greenberg.
Why do I think this might be his record and his parents?
The 1922 declaration of intent you supplied indicates he arrived via the Finland and that he was born in Bucharest. It does mention a "blank" day in August 1906 for his arrival. The attached is the 1 Aug 1906 ship manifest, and on line 18 there is a Samuel Katz.
Also, paging forward  in the Ancestry version of the declaration of intent book does show the attached 1925 court notice, giving his address as 366 South 1st Street, not the 66 Rivington  address. This matches the 1 Jun 1925 census for a Sam and Ceil Katz, off by one house number, at 364 South 1st Street, per attached, bottom left, rows 47-50, showing Sam from Romania, Ceil, and twins. Strangely, there is only a 7 May 1925 Manhattan birth record for Lila, but not Leonard, as per attached. Confusingly, perhaps the Lila listed in the attached, is NOT the Lila born to Brooklyn parents Sam and Ceil, but rather the Manhattan parents of Nathan and Ida Katz ( 

Based on the detail of Sam's parents, this is the 1915 census record, which in Ancestry can be found here:

The 1914 marriage of Sam's brother Abraham (listed with him on the ship manifest) shows his parents as the same Pesach and Freida. See
This Pesach passed in 1919. See either

Pesach's parent were Shabsi (Shopse) and Anna. You can locate the exact plot here:
Good luck and stay safe, 

Moishe Miller
Brooklyn, NY
JGFF #3391


I thank the researchers who have so far replied. I have been able to trace Sam as far as the US Census 1940. Also, all records from his arrival in 1906, up to and including 1940 Census, have been uncovered. I am hoping that the actual naturalization papers will give me another birthdate. The records so far found have given various dates , ranging from 1900 to 1904 . I have his father, Pesach, death certificate; Sam's marriage to my grandmother, Ceil Hann; his siblings marriage and death records; naturalizations for his brothers; even notes on his divorce from Grandma in 1937! The family did not think he ever remarried and that my mother, Lila, was his only child. We believe that the NY Census 1925 was in error about another child, Leonard. No trace or mention of him at any other time. A great aunt spoke with Sam at her shop in Greenwich Village  in the late 1960s or early 1970s ( her recollection of the date may have been incorrect) and he was a bus driver then. Of course, all of that generation are now deceased, and they were always very circumspect about that first marriage of my Grandmother.  
   Another mystery of my Katz family is the death date and place of Sam's mother, Freida.From the marriage records of her children, her maiden name is given as "Greenberg,or Gruenberg", or " Leibowitz". I trace her as far as the NY State Census 1925, where she resides with her daughter, Betty and son-in-law Alex Leibowitz. 
   My research is fairly complete on the Katz family, except for Sam and Fanny(Freida) deaths and resting places. It has been frustrating to be able to go so far on the siblings, yet be unable to find my grandfather. 
I had hoped to find Sam before my mother died, but, she passed two years ago. All help is appreciated ! 
    Diane Preston
N.Stonington, CT