Niveravitzk, Russia - Can anyone help with identifying this place correctly? #russia

Ina Getzoff

I wonder if "Niveravitzk, Russia, is possibly Neshvitz, which was in Belarus in the 1890's and early 1900's. Belarus, now, of course, is an independent country but was part of Russia at one point, part of Poland at another point and finally became independent. Unfortunately, their records are still very hard to get.
Ina Getzoff
Delray Beach, Fla.

Steven Granek

On my Grandfather's Declaration of Intention to become a US Citizen, he lists the birthplace of his wife as "Niveravitzk, Russia" (in 1891).   I cannot make heads or tales of this place. Nothing from Google, nothing in JewishGen databases.  Nothing even suggestive.  I suspect (but do not know for sure) that was in Vohlyinia as my Grandfather was born in Poritzk Poland/Russia (modern name Pavlivka). But I don't even know whether they knew one another in 'the old country' so that's uncertain.

Thanks in advance

Steve Granek