Coordination between and JewishGen #general

Sarah L Meyer

It is my understanding that those databases that originated on Jewishgen and are stored on Ancestry servers, would be free on Ancestry.  Other databases such as JGFF were never available on Ancestry and are only available on Jewishgen.  To the best of my knowledge there was never any "priority" for Jewishgen donors.  Jewish is included as a type of collection.
Sarah L Meyer
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I believe Family Search hold all the records that Ancestry have or had and have made them into documents that make more sense at times too I believe. Have you tried Family Search ? It's completely free and easy to get around. I think I have located my Great grandmothers birth certificate for 1877 in Slovakian church records there. 

Mandy Molava 
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I remember that there was some agreement between and to coordinate databases, I believe with some delay to give priority to JewishGen donors, but I wonder whether this is still in force. There seem to be quite a few JewishGen records that are no longer "linkable" via Ancestry.

Happy New Year, and thank you to the community for sharing your knowledge and passion through these pages!

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