Kamienczyk during WWI? #poland #general

David W. Perle

My grandfather--who died before I was born--was a boy in Kamienczyk, Poland, during WWI.  A story passed down involves how he nearly died when a foxhole that he was in during WWI fighting caved in.

I'm not looking for a lot, but I'm trying to find other references/accounts of anything specific that occurred there during WWI.  I've Googled.  Another other leads/insight?

David Perle
Washington, DC


Jx. Gx.

Hello David.

If your grandfather was a boy during WWI, he may have been too young to service in the army so I wonder what he was doing in a "foxhole."  Try searching through WWI histories about the fighting on the Eastern Front. A good place to start would be the New York Public Library digital book collection.  I think another place might be Google books.

During WWI the German army advanced into Russia and reached at least as far east as Pinsk on a straight line north and south of the city.  Somewhere west of that line would be the town of Kamienczyk. You might be able to find where and when the German army passed through Kamienczyk on their way into Russia, and read about any engagements that took place against Russian troops. Assuming that you have the correct spelling for the name of the town, keep in mind also that it was not uncommon for the names of towns to have changed and that in the Kingdom of Poland at least some of the towns had Polish and Russian spellings of the names. If you can find a larger city close to Kamienczyk, for instance Warsaw, that is where you might be able to find more combat history. 

One final thought: There was the Russo-Polish War of 1919-20. Communist Russia invaded the newly emancipated Poland, but were then driven back in defeat by the Polish army. Is there a possibility your family's story about your grandfather occurred during that conflict?

Good luck!

Jeffrey Gee

Sharon Taylor

How old was your grandfather when this incident took place? 

You might want to take a look at the question I asked this group with the subject title "Young Galician boys forced labor for Russian army during FIRST World War" #652747. The replies might be helpful.

According to my research on the Eastern Front, both sides used forced labor which included young boys and older men. Young boys also sometimes served their countries as soldiers. Remember, during World War I, there were no laws or conventions prohibiting the recruitment of children as soldiers, or the use of young civilians for forced labor. It's also possible that he was playing or seeking shelter in the foxhole.

Have you tried looking at Newspapers.com to see if it describes fighting in the Kamienczyk area during WWI?

Sharon Taylor
Philadelphia, PA

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