Herrnstadt family can anyone identify those people in this photos #germany #israel #photographs

Simon Srebrny

I can't answer your question, but I have put together a modest, incomplete tree of this Herrnstadt family.
Else Herrnstadt, wife of Oscar Grab, was born in Lissa onĀ 21 Feb 1884.

Simon Srebrny
from London, living in Berlin


These are pictures of the Herrnstadt family. The family of Rudy Rolf Grab's mother who fell while servicing the Jewish Brigade (ww 2) and is buried in the British Military Cemetery in Ramla. I'm researching his life story and I'm missing a picture of him. I'd be happy if someone recognizes those in the (small) photo (especially the child). The soldier's mother was named Else and is believed to be in the picture with her brothers and sisters. The picture was taken from a postcard sent to the family grandfather (probably in 1927) the second big picture is of the whole family (date unknown). I'd be happy for any I.D. Please distribute the images and we may be able to identify those filmed in them

Yoram Igael