Vinitsky/Winitsky from Detroit, Mich. #usa

Steve Pickoltz

I’m trying to locate long lost VINITSKY relatives from Detroit, Mich.  These relatives had Winitsky family members living in Philadelphia.  I know a member of this Detroit family was a nurse who also may have served in WWII.  My grandmother and mother visited them between the 30’s and early 50’s for some function.  The last contact my late mother had with this family was about 1958.


Any information appreciated.


Steve Pickholtz

New Jersey


searching—Winitsky, Ostroff, Pickholtz and Klein/Kline


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You might want to check the Detroit Jewish News Archives :

Pamela Lucas


Re VINITSKY/WINITSKY.  Do you have any first names, or where they were from?
We have traced VITENSKY/WITENSKY that arrived in England and the the beginning of the 20th century.

Maxine Goldsmith
San Diego

Steve Pickoltz

With regard to my post dealing with Vinitsky/Winitsky from Detroit, I have been asked to supply additional facts.  So here goes.


My family arrived in the USA on April 5, 1909 by way of Liverpool, England aboard the SS Frieland  into Phila., Pa.  My grandparents were Chaje (Ida) (Ostroff) Winitzky changed at some time to Winitsky.  Her husband was Hyman Winitsky who died in Rochester, NY.  The family came to Phila. and stayed with the family of (Sam??) Derschwitz.  I think he was a relative on my grandmother’s Ostroff side.  My grandmother was born in Kiev, Russia and then lived in what is now Dnepropetrovak, Ukraine with her family.


Hyman Winitsky’s parents’ were to the best of my knowledge Gerhan Winitsky and Buckel (not sure if this is first or last name).


The Vinitskys in my tree are so far are David and Lazar.

My grandmother’s parents were Leah Ostroff, father unknown, and a sister Rebecca (Winitsky) Ostroff, husband Benjamin Ostroff.


The Detroit relatives, names written on old pictures are Lorraine Ann Chudler who married a Day.  Another cousin may have been Henrietta Rofsky.

I know there are other Detroit relatives, but I haven’t found their pictures yet.


Again, I hope this info will help some of you, help me.


Steve Pickholtz

New Jersey


Searching—Winitsky, Ostroff, Pickholtz, and Klein/Kline


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Steve Pickoltz

Additional info.  In looking over some of my family papers, ship manifest, Citizenship papers, etc, I have found spellings of my family as both Winitsky, Vinitsky and other spellings of each.


I have a wedding picture from Lorraine Chudler’s wedding dated 1952 along with on of her parents Lew and Ann Chudler from Detroit.


Pictures of a cousin Henrietta Rofsky Lane.  I don’t know if they are Detroit or Rochester, NY relatives.


A picture of my grandmother Ida (Ostroff) Winitsky with a sister Minecha (Ostroff) Dubin.  I have met a child of this couple, Bernie Dubin. He lived in Phila. and Cherry Hill, NJ., until his death.


Now for the good stuff.

Envelopes dated July 10, 1934 addressed to B. Slaben?? living at 2640 Pregree Ave., Detroit.   A second name  on this envelope is for a Venitzky, at the same address.   Another address for Venitsky is 330 Owens Ave., Detroit.  This street name is hard to read.


I hope this may connect to some of you Detroiter.


Steve Pickholtz

New Jersey


Searching—Winitsky, Ostroff, Pickholtz and Klein/Kline



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Judy Bolton

I am the descendent of Hirsh Winitzky, who changed his name to Harris Venezky when he came to the United States from Odessa. He first resided in NYC until his marriage; he then moved to the Alliance Colony in southern New Jersey. I believe he was born about 1862. He had two brothers (I need to look up their names in my research) who came over when he did, but they returned to Europe shortly thereafter; I have not researched what became of them yet. 
We recently moved, so I’m still unpacking notes and hooking up computers, so it may take me a bit of time to research, but I will. I am also in contact with other Winitzky families, too. 

Judy Myers Bolton
Ocean Pines, MD
Researching: WINITZKY/VENEZKY (Odessa, Ukraine); NAGEL, FINGERHUT (Zbarazh, Ukraine); BARR (Ozeryany, Ukraine); CHAIKEN/JACOBS/ROSENBERG (St. Petersburg); NAVSON/NISSEN (Kovno, Lit.); PAVLOVSKY (Zmerinka, Ukraine); DOMASHOWITZKY (Slonim, Belarus)

Sharyn Weizman

Hi Judy,
I'm a descendent  of Menashe Venitsky who changed his name to Morris Vennit when he came to the US in 1900 with his wife Fanny Schosid Venitsky. The census records say they came from Vilnius. I'm very interesting in finding Venitsky/Vennit relatives and would love to know of anyone you're in contact with who might be related.
thank you
Sharyn Weizman
Herzilya, Israel (formerly of Maryland)

Joel Ives

My uncle was Abraham "Roy" Wenitt  (1906-1991.) The only information I have is that his father Isador Wenitsky  was from Russia.  His grandfather was also Abraham Wenitsky. The family lived in the Bronx, New York.  It appears that there are many spelling variations for this name so, I would research as many spelling variations as you can think of.
Joel Ives
Fair Lawn, New Jersey USA