Photo of headstone in Portsmouth needed, please #unitedkingdom


I belong to 'Find a grave' website, it's worth joining in my opinion. You can put out a request for a headstone photo and it also works by someone who has joined Find a grave to pop along to their local to have a look for you and take a pic if they find it, or if they happen to be there anyway visiting the graves of their loved ones.

Hope this helps?

Mandy Molava
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Martyn Woolf

There are a few photos of headstones in the Fawcett Road Cemetery in Portsmouth, Hampshire, England. The cemetery is actually in Southsea which is adjacent to Portsmouth but the community was one.
If you go to the following website it might help.

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Martyn Woolf

Sally Bruckheimer <sallybruc@...>

"who is buried in the Portsmouth Jewish Cemetery". Portsmouth, England; a US Portsmouth; or maybe an Australian one?
Even London has this problem, as I always think first of London, Ontario, then realize that probably isn't it.
Sally Bruckheimer
Princeton, NJ

Denise Fletcher

I'd be very grateful if someone could locate and photograph the headstone of Samuel FLETCHER, possibly buried as Samuel Lazarus Fletcher, who died we think in around 1950, and who is buried in the Portsmouth Jewish Cemetery.  He was born in around 1868, and was survived by his wife Leah and 2 sons, Jack and John, as well as at least one daughter-in-law (Ethel, known as Sunny) and a grandson, Michael. He also had a deceased son, Maurice, who might be mentioned on the headstone.
Many thanks for any assistance!  I can be reached at dfletcheroz@...
Denise Fletcher, Sydney Australia