Who is the better option for DNA: siblings or father and son? #dna


Hi, I'm told that two relatives taking DNA tests give a better idea  but I wondered if anyone knew which is the better option out of a father and son or two brothers. We're hoping to find unknown relatives who stayed in Poland or went to the USA.
Thanks for any help,
Carol Cambers


You should always test the oldest family member. If you are looking for a paternal relative, then test your father, followed by one of his siblings.
Stephen Schmideg
Melbourne, Australia

Susan stone

My dad did a dna test and I'm always seeing ads for an even more extensive test.  Does he need to get tested again if I pay more?  Or do they use his same sample and just test more strands etc?  Is it worth it to get an even more extensive test?  Thank you,
Susan Stone
Evanston, IL

Herbert Lazerow

    If the sought relatives are on the father's side, father and son are better because father will provide almost twice the dna sought than both sons, given that he is a generation closer to the source..
    If all three are available, having the three is better than having only two.  No son will have more of father's dna than father had, but if you have all three tested, you can probably reconstruct mother's dna from the three tests.  Any dna that either son has that does not match father's must have come from mother. Because we receive a RANDOM half of our dna from each parent, mother's dna is unlikely to be complete, but good enough for many purposes.
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Herbert Lazerow
Professor of Law, University of San Diego
5998 Alcala Park, San Diego CA 92110
Author: Mastering Art Law (Carolina Academic Press, 2d ed. 2020)

Sarah L Meyer

If he tested at FTDNA, they keep his sample for 25 years - and I have used a 7 year old sample to upgrade Y tests.  You can also use that sample for family finder or mtDNA

Sarah L Meyer
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They use the same sample.  
Elissa Haden


Hi Carol. There are a lot of factors involved, so we need more information to give you a better answer. As others have said, it is always best to test the oldest generation first. However, you also have to decide which company to test with and what type of test. You will find the most relatives by doing an autosomal test. Ancestrydna has the largest database. From Ancestry, you can upload to familytreedna, MyHeritage, and gedmatch. Uploads are free, but there are small fees for added services. You can also do autosomal testing at 23andMe if you want to look for more matches. Neither Ancestry nor 23andMe accept uploads, so you have to test directly on those sites. If you are interested in Y-DNA, you have to test directly on ftdna (family tree) since an uploaded kit can't be used for that. Or you can test one of the men at ftdna with family finder (autosomal) and do the Y-DNA test later using the same sample.

You don't say who you are in the family, but if you are a sister of the two brothers, your DNA will also be helpful. My suggestion is to start with the father and one of his children at Ancestry. If you all have the same mother (if she is deceased), you will be able to separate paternal and maternal matches. Then upload to the other sites. If you are interested in doing the Y-DNA test, one of the brothers should do the autosomal test first at ftdna so you can compare to the other uploaded kits. As I said, you can do the Y-DNA test later, but there should be no rush on that. If there are any maternal living relatives (aunts, uncles, or even cousins), you might want to consider asking them to test, also. 

It can get very expensive, complicated, and time consuming but also thrilling! Good luck!
Cami Klein
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