R' Moshe of Kletzk -18th Cent. #rabbinic

Yonatan Ben-Ari

There was a Moshe of Kletzk in the 18th cent. who was the father of
Rabbi David of Novarodok( the " galya Mesechta") during the 19th cent.
I do not know what his surname was , if he had one at all. I know that
he was not EISENSTAT who was a colleague of his, also from Kletzk.
His son, Rabbi David, seems also not have had a family (that I know
of). Does anyone know of any descendants of the above Moshe or if he
had a family name?

According to family lore my great great grandfather was a brother of
the above Rabbi David. Our family name was ABRAMOWITZ but no source
that I have seen mentions this family name with the above Moshe or his
son David. It is recorded that David's son , Moshe, adopted the family
name of his father-in-law HOROWITZ (from Minsk). Rabbi David's
son-in-law who published David's book was a RABINOWITZ.


Yoni Ben-Ari, Jerusalem