Gravestone photo from the Mount of Olives? #israel #photographs

Peter Cohen

Does anyone know how to get a photo of a grave on the Mount of Olives in Jerusalem? The person in question, Yeruchim Tsvi Rotkowitz, died in 1910. A family member is known to have seen the grave in 1967 after the 6 day war.
Peter Cohen

Andy Monat

The page for that grave appears to be here:

It has section this which I believe gives the text of the inscription:
על מצבתו/ה נכתב:
"פנ ירוחם צבי ב'ר ברוך מווילנא נ' כו' תשרי תרע תנצבה רוטקוביץ "
ירוחם צבי רוטקוביץ1
However, there doesn't seem to be a photo for that grave, unlike some others I've seen on their web site. (For example,

I have noticed that their web site has been flaky in the past, so that some times it wouldn't load. Now there's a little box with the letter "i" in a circle, and text which Google Translate says means that the site is under construction, and you can note errors etc using the comment form at the bottom of the page.