Fuks (Bajla, Bejla, Hinda Pessa, Rzezak) Lodz area, Poland search for fate of half sibling #poland #lodz #names #records

Sharon E Siegel

We are searching for information about children born to our father Israel Rzezak and his first wife Hinda Pessa Fuks Rzezak. they lived in Lodz, Poland. 

Hinda had children born to this couple before their marriage, marriage was in 1929. 

We believe there was a child Bejla born June 2, 1927 or possible 1923.  We believe Hi with Fuks as last name, but could have been Rzezak.  We believe this child, Bajla Fuks born 1923 (address Holz 16) was transported to Chelmo (Kulmhof) Extermination Camp on June 28, 1944.   There is a record 225, transport 223 on Jewish Gen records, but we do not know how to obtain this actual record.

We do not know the other child's name.

Hinda and both children were murdered in the Shoah. 
Any information possible is appreciated. We cannot hire a researcher, unfortunately. We are working hard to do this on our own.
Sincerely, Sharon & Stanley Siegel, Port Jervis, NY 12771
Sharon E. Siegel 
Port Jervis, NY USA