Scotland's People Adds 250,000 Birth, Death and Marriage Entries #records #united kingdom #records

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Jan Meisels Allen



Scotland’s People has added 250,000 birth, death and marriage entries (~147,000 online images) which include 48,728 marriages in 1945 and 64,943 deaths in 1970. For 1920 births of 136,546 living children during that year were reported.  There was a marked decline in birth-rate during World War l.


To learn how to search birth records see their guide on register of births at:

To search the records see:


While searching their indexes is  you need to use a pay per view to view and download digital records of the historic records you find.  To learn more bout the pay-per view costs see:


Copies of statutory registers of births less than 100 years old; marriages, divorces and dissolutions less than 75 years old; and deaths less than 50 years old can only be purchased as official certificates. Read more about official certificates and how to pay for them.



There are some items that you can search for free.



Jan Meisels Allen

Chairperson, IAJGS Public Records Access Monitoring Committee