Town or village of Piotrkow #poland

Carin Miller

My great grandfather immigrated from Piotrkow but his naturalization papers indicate that he was born in a town called Naza. I googled the town but I was not able to get any information. I will try JG or JRI. I imagine the town was so small it may not exist at this time but if anyone has heard of it please let me know.
Carin Miller

Alexander Sharon


Name of the village "Naza" doesn't sound Polish or Slavic.
Just in case, I've checked all the localities names in Piotrkow Trybunalski and Piotrkow Kujawski regions and found nothing even similar.
It helps sometime if you can provide researched names and a copy of the naturalization page where town name is shown.


Alexander Sharon

Heidi Urich <hurich@...>

There is a huge open pit coal mine near Piotrkow Trybunalski where one of my ancestral towns, Kucow, and several other towns used to exist.  It's known as the Belchatow Coal Mine.   Perhaps your town is among the vanished towns and might be found on a 19th century map.
Heidi Urich