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Hannah Sperber

Is there a list of survivors of Karlsruhe, Germany?
There was a reunion more than 20 years ago by invitation of mayor of Karlsruhe.
any info on Johanna Heineman,?

Hannah Sperber, Denver, CO



Here are some of the most important digital sources for Jewish genealogy researches in Baden-Württemberg.
(But first of all you should know in which places your ancestors lived, without knowing this you can't start your researches.)

Standesbücher Baden-Württemberg (Birth, Marriages, Deaths, Cemeteries, family registers)

Photos and Inscriptions of Headstones of all Jewish Cemeteries in Baden-Württemberg

Military Records of soldiers of the Württemberg Army in WWI (Militärische Bestände)
(You need to know which regiment and company your ancestor was a part of.)

Military Records of soldiers of the Baden Army in WWI and some
other digital documents of the Generallandesarchiv Karlsruhe

Jewish Comunities, Synagogues, Cemeteries (History, newspaper Clippings, Photos)

Many German Cities commemorate the Holocaust victims (not only the Jewish ones) with Stolpersteinen.
For most of the people mentionned on the Stolpersteine extensive researches about their life and family were done.

And I remember that DigiBaeck has some of the Deportation Lists from Baden to Gurs and reports of witnesses.

Corinne Iten

Andreas Schwab

Scattered all over the world, descendants of Jewish families whose roots can be traced back to places in Baden-Württemberg still live today. The Gäu-Neckar-Alb memorial association would like to help to find out the family roots and to establish connections to other families.
This genealogical knowledge database based on the genealogy software TNG creates a basis for family, local and historical research. It also serves to collect documents, photos and sources, with the help of which the life history of Jewish families can be documented and passed on.
The speaker Andrea Dettling will present which analog and digital sources are relevant for the genealogy of Jewish families, which research possibilities are promising and how the results can be presented professionally.
Using the database as an example, it will be shown how Jewish citizens searching for their family roots around the world can be helped with archival documents or lists of ancestors to form a picture of the lives of their ancestors in Germany.
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Andreas Schwab, Montreal, Canada