Fritz BUKOFZER, film producer- Paris > Switzerland #france

David Selig

Hi to all who have helped, and Happy(ier) New Year.

I recently found at the French Archives, two large files re Fritz, and his second wife, Marta Bukofzer who was my grandma. 
Fritz came to Paris in 1933, must have met Marta here.   She came (I guess, to join her sister, Meta) in 1937, my father Martin Selig was then sent to boarding school in UK.

They moved to sth of France in 1940 and married in Toulouse, in 1940. 

After the war they applied for French nationailty, were told in 1949 that they had to wait another four years at least (to "Assimilate" more completely).  IN 1955 it was granted, but at the mlast moment stopped for three months, following an anonymous denunciation letter sent to the police.  This was quickly debunked, and it came trhough early 1956.   Fritz died in Luzern, 1958.  Marta lived in paris until 1970, when she moved finally to Melbourne. 

I still have to collate much information from these amazing files, and I am going to post a general new topic re, finding your way around them - quite a labyrinth, in very complex French archives. 


Best to you all, David SELIG, Paris