Help needed finding Mollie Schiff's immigration papers #records


Mollie Schiff Epstein was born around 1880 according to censuses. She was always known as Mollie, but I discovered that her headstone had the name Chiyene Malka. As far as I know the family was from Slutsk. Mollie's father Zalman Schiff had three wives. Mollie was from the second wife and had a brother Benjamin (Barnett) and a sister Dina (Lena/Dine). I have been searching for immigration and naturalization papers for Mollie using Malka, Mollie, and Chienne with varying spellings of these names. I located an 1899 the manifest with Feigle, Zalman's third wife Dina, Hene (Anna), Hirsch (Harry) and Chaje (Ida). Anna, Harry & Ida were from the third wife. In the 1900 census Chienne Malka was listed as Mollie. Is it likely that the ship manifest would have been Chiyene or Malka or can't one say? Could anyone help me find any immigration papers on Mollie? Although the 1900 census indicated she came in 1890 I cannot find this. I found a Chienne Schiff who immigrated in 1895, but it said her residence was Schweksne, Russland, not Slutsk. Could the family have started in Schweksne? Many questions. Any ideas?
Sue Kahn
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