Bensabat family Lisbon Portugal. #general


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I am doing the Geneology Tree of a small town in Portugal (Girabolhos, Seia).  A lady named Amilia (Amelia) Annette Bensabat (daughter of Jacob Bensabat and Emma Bensabat of Lisbon) ends up settling in Girabolhos with her husband Augusto Henriques Ferraz (born in Girabolhos, Seia) and having children there.   All of these children are shown as illegitimate children in their Catholic Baptisms, since the parents were never married in the Catholic Church.  I am to believe that they were married in Lisbon, (hoping that there was a ketubah somewhere) at some point before moving to Girabolhos.  All of the children were baptized as adults in order to marry in the Catholic Church.  I was looking for a place where I can find information about the Bensabat family from Lisbon, Portugal. Any and all help would be greatly appreciated.

Augusto Henriques Ferraz (+/-1857)
Amilia Annette Bensabat (no information)

Children are:
 * Dinah Regina (Dec 2, 1900)
* Antonio Salvador (Aug 24, 1902)
* Levy Bensabat (Nov 5, 1907)
* Gabriel (Jan 4, 1910)
* Dario Augusto (May 2, 1913)
* Irene Edwiges (Mar 22, 1917)

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