former Odessa cemetery #ukraine

mike yesnes

Main Groups,
Former Jewish cemetery{2nd } in Odessa,Ukraine that is now  Artillery Park in Odessa,Ukraine.Apparently the communists had destroyed/vandalized the headstones.
Looking for burial records.plot maps.Who was responsible for the 2nd Jewish cemetery's burial records/plot maps?
Did a nearby synagogue have the information?
Have a Leyba - Volf  Duvidov  Yasnes { 1875 -1913 } who died on December 8 1913 and buried in Odessa.
Would appreciate your help.
Thank you.
Mike Yesnes

Ariel Parkansky

Hi Mike,

I've checked the All Odessa Database from the Odessa Kehilalinks ( but I haven't found your Yasnes.
There is already a book indexed about the Odessa Jewish Cemetery Tombstones but it dates from 1899.

There's a project ongoing for indexing the Odessa Vital Records Indexes from 1875 to 1920 (births, marriages and deaths). We have currently only one volunteer working on the translations so it will take some time.
Part of the births has already been published.
We are currently working on the marriages.

Ariel Parkansky
Odessa Town Leader from Ukraine SIG