Need Volunteer to Transcribe Knyszyn 1929 Jewish Census #poland #records

Mark Halpern

JRI-Poland has come into possession of a 1929 Census of the Jews of Knyszyn, a town near Bialystok and Tykocin. The Census is written in Polish. A sample page is attached.

The project is to transcribe all the data to an Excel spreadsheet. JRI-Poland will have the headings translated to English. The entries on the columns Zawod (profession) and Uwaga (remarks) will need translations. Google Translate will be first level of support with JRI-Poland experts being the second level. 

If you are interested in helping JRI-Poland with this project, whether or not you have a family connection to Knyszyn, please email me at mark@....

Mark Halpern
JRI-Poland Bialystok Area Coordinator