Weitz Bakery on West Adams, Los Angeles #usa

Debby Gincig Painter

My Great-Grandfather and his brother started Weitz Bakery when they came to Los Angeles in the 1920s. 3 generations worked there until it was sold and became Brooklyn Bagel Bakery in 1953. With all so much of the family (in-laws branches included) working there, not a single person in our family has a picture of the bakery-inside or out.

I don't know if this is ok to ask here or not, but considering the popularity of the bakery and then their delicatessen, I am hoping someone in the L.A. area might have an old photo they'd be willing to share. I've contacted Brooklyn Bagel Bakery with no luck and am waiting on a call back from Jewish Historical Society of SoCal.
Thank you in advance from me and 3-5th generations of descendants.
Debby Painter

Mike Coleman

Perhaps search on Newspapers.com?

I came across a couple of articles on a friend's father's LA plumbing business, so who knows?

Mike Coleman, London U.K.



Debby, you could also try the photography collection at the Los Angeles Public Library.  https://tessa.lapl.org/photocol and bizarrely enough, Youtube. My older son is a street artist who occasionally turns to me for historical photos of areas where he's painting.   I found a video on Youtube of someone driving down Venice Boulevard in the 1950s.  It showed the original exterior of a building he'd been asked to reconstruct.  Even the firm of the famous architect who designed it didn't have it.
Ronni Kern

Michael McTeer <mcteer@...>

You also might try contacting the library to see if they have research services. The library from what I recall has large collections on various subjects.

An additional note for those with relatives in the Los Angeles area, is that the library also has telephone directories on line which are searchable.

Michael McTeer, 13488


You might contact The Los Angeles Times archive department. I found an article mentioning the bakery - maybe they have pictures

Dassy Wilen