Mosciska researcher? #galicia


Hello.  I just came across this information on
I am extremely interested in finding out if any of my ancestors (Dizian, Dycian, or similar) are included in any of these land or other records during the 1800s.  It appears as though none of these are indexed yet?  What would you suggest in regards to getting access to them?  Or, do you have a suggestion on how to find/hire a researcher who is an expert in these records?  Thanks!!
Separately, do you know if there are any Mosciska land records from the early 1900s?

Sam Ditzion

J.R. Silver

Dear Sam,
 As you will have seen from the information you cited on the Gesher Galicia website, the 1852 Mosciska Book of Lands / list of landowners and the associated 1852 cadastral map were acquired some years ago by Gesher Galicia. The landowners list has  been indexed, so if you search for your family name on the All Galicia Database, any 1852 Landowner records for your family will come up. I struck lucky and found that my remote ancestor in Mosciska, Juda Mechel EISTEIN /EISENSTEIN was the owner in 1852 of House 17 on Building Plot 24 .  The 1852 Mosciska Cadastral Map is a Field Sketch ( see message yesterday from Jay Osborn on cadastral map for town of Svirz) and this means that the numbers on the map are House Numbers, not Building Plot numbers. As you will know, all the Mosciska Birth and Death records provide house numbers, so this means that by analysis of the vital records, you may be able to locate the houses of your families on the cadastral map, regardless of whether they were the owners of the plot of land upon which the house was built.  There are also Books of lands and record books of landowners for 1879-1895,  which have not been yet acquired by Gesher Galicia.  This would make a very interesting future project. I gave a short presentation at IAJGS Warsaw 2018 on locating House 17, where my grandmother Reisel SPIRA was born in 1887, and will happily share. It would be good to get together as a group to fund acquiring further landowner records.  My guide in Mosciska, whom I highly recommend. was Tomasz Jankowski , of Tomasz  is based in Lviv and is a researcher of great expertise. 

Judith Silver of London, UK. Searching in Galicia for   KRAUT, EISTEIN/EISENSTEIN of Mosciska , SPIRA of Łancut, SILBERMAN , NESSELROTH of Tarnow.