Abraham WEISFELD #usa

rebekah boerboom

Good afternoon all.
My name is Rebekah Weisfeld Boerboom.
My grandfather was Abraham Weisfeld.
I am seeking any info that anyone may have.
This is what I know:
He was from Brest. He was a lawyer and was banished to Siberia, sometime before 1888, when he escaped and made his way to New York City, in 1888.
His wife was Rose Caplan, also from Brest. 
They had six children - Joseph, Benjamin and Gabriel ( fraternal twins), Judith, Bertha and my father - William, originally named Velvel.
I believe, Abraham was the financial secretary of the Brest Benevolent Society in New York.
They lived on Cherry St. in Manhattan. 
He was employed, rolling cigars for a time. 
He was killed in an alley in 1905. 
I believe he is buried in Mt. Zion cemetery. 
Any additional info you may have would be greatly appreciated! 
Any tidbit, no matter how small! 😀
Thank you!
Rebekah Weisfeld Boerboom

Michele Lock

When I've been at a lost as to how to locate a relative who I know little about, I check out Ancestry.com family trees, to see if anyone else includes the person that I'm interested in. With Abraham Weisfeld having so many children, it's likely there are grandchildren or great grandchildren who have put up trees on Ancestry that you could consult to get clues as to the life story of your grandfather (though the clues have to be verified).

I would think that a killing in 1905 would have been covered in the newspapers, so checking those out might yield something. 
Michele Lock

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