Searching material/records by by Benjamin Meirtchak donated to JewishGen #poland #holocaust

Alma Shliom

Hello all,
I read on the Israel Genealogy Research association that the material for the below books (translated to English from Polish) by Benjamin Meirtchak  Jewish Military Casualties in the Polish Armies in World War II, including Volume I: Jewish Soldiers and Officers of the Polish People’s Army Killed and Missing in Action; Volume II: 1.Jewish Military Casualties in the September 1939 Campaign and 2. Jewish Military Casualties in the Polish Armed Forces in Exiles and Volume III: Jewish Prisoners-of-War Murdered by Germans in the Lublin District 1939-  1943; Volume IV: 1.Jewish Officers, Prisoners-of-War, Murdered by Soviets in “Katyn Crime”, 2. Jews, Members of the Polish Underground, Fallen in Action, 3. An Addendum Supplement to Volumes I, II, III and Volume V: Supplement  were donated to JewishGen. 

I am trying to find out if and where/how I could get access to these materials on the JewsihGen website as my searches havent brought up anything.

Thank you for your thoughts.
Alma Morianz-Shliom

Surname: Jablonka / Yablonka/ Yablonko
Given Names: Mindele/Mindale Mina
              Hersch / Herszl
              Jospa / Josepa/ Josefa
Bialystok, Poland

P.S I really hope I am posting this in the correct place and form as its my first such post (let me know if not :-))