Druya, Belarus Lipschutz-Padua connection? #belarus

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My GGGF and his wife lived in Druya, Belarus in the second half of the 19th and beginning of the 20th centuries.
Their names were Yisroel Moshe and Chaika (ISRAELITAN) Lipschutz.
Their son, Benjamin Wolf, married Sima (METZGER) and they moved to Philadelphia, Pa.
BW's and Sima's daughter, Zelda Sarah Sloan, was my maternal grandmother.
We think that Yisroel Moshe's father may have been Saul PADUA.
The undocumented family tradition is that the name was changed when YM was adopted by an aunt (nee PADUA) to avoid the draft.
Do you know anything about this Saul Padua?  Or about his children?  
Note: According to dates I found in FamilySearch (~1842-~1862), he would have been far too young to father Yisrael Moshe, but the dates could be wrong. 

Also interested if you think you have a connection to my ISRAELITAN ancestor Chaya (Chaika).

Thank you and be well.

Guy Levin (originally of Philadelphia)

Gerald and Margaret

I suggest you contact The Together Plan, a charity based in London UK and Belarus.. One project is to do genealogical research on an individual basis.  They have the huge advantage of speaking all relevant languages, as well as being v experienced in the local bureaucracy !!  
I'm sure you will get a positive Response from this charity which is helping Jews still living in Belarus to understand how to earn some money.

Best wishes,

Margaret Levin London UK