Ancestry to Discontinue AncestryHealth as of January 15, 2021 #dna #announcements

Jan Meisels Allen


Ancestry announced today, January 14, 2021 they are discontinuing AncestryHealth which they started in 2019. It will  no longer be available for sale as of January 15, 2021. Ancestry will continue to support their customers through July 2021 and have a plan in place to support existing and new customers through this transition. Ancestry encourages their customers to log into your account and download your health and wellness reports before the July 2021 date.

Customers with results pending: There’s nothing for you to do—They say they are working on your results and should have them soon.

Customers who have not activated their kits: You’ll have until February 15, 2021 to activate, and they must receive your sample by February 28, 2021 to process your health data. You’ll receive your reports as soon as possible and have access to AncestryHealth® through July 2021.

After that, you’ll continue you’ll continue to have access to your origins and ethnicity, DNA matches, and traits.

Support for their customers may access more information at:


Ancestry is continuing their family history and Ancestry DNA programs. They have genotyped more than 18 million customers to date. In their release they stated in part they decided to discontinue the AncestryHealth to invest more in its AncestryDNA offering.


JPMorgan analyst Tycho Peterson called Ancestry's decision the "latest sign of trouble in the consumer DNA testing industry." He noted that both Ancestry and 23andMe had trimmed their workforces last year due to a slowdown in the market, and that "initial consumer interest in DNA testing has continued to level off."



Jan Meisels Allen

Chairperson, IAJGS Public Records Access Monitoring Committee