Translation of Gravestone written in Hebrew #translation


I would appreciate if someone can translate the inscriptions on these two gravestones. Thank you.

Richard Oppenheimer
Venice, Florida, USA


Hi Richard, 

Let's start with the right-hand side grave:

                                  Here is buried 
"Many women have done valiantly but you have excelled them all" 
"She opened her mouth with wiswisdom and the teaching of loving - kindness was upon her tongue"
(Those two verses are from the Book of Proverbs  chapter 31, known as "the valiant wife") 
This is causing the soul to mourn, a bitter eulogy and weeping, the passing of my tender wife and our loved and generous mother, the crown of our head:
Mrs.Gittel (Tekla) Wirtheim, Peace on her, daughter of the late Meir.
Her soul departed on the 5th of kislev 5706 (November 10 th 1945) 
May her soul be linked to bundle of life

Now the left-hand side

Stone to deplore the dear, modest and kind (woman ? not sure if there is a misspelling  ) 

Gittel daughter of the head of the Jewish community of Fulda, Simon Weilburg of blessed and holy memory  , wife of the noble among the nobles Menachem Arieh Stern of blessed and holy memory. 
She raised her sons and daughters in the spirit of the Torah  
Fear (of God) and humility were among her best traits. 
Her house was always widely open to the poor and miserable. She opened her palm and her  heart. 

Her holy soul came back to its Creator on the 4th of 'heshvan 5705 (October 21st 1944) and was buried on the 5th of the month .
May soûl be linked to the bundle of life 

Best regards  , 

Laurent Kassel 
Moreshet , Israel 


I think Laurent did a great job on the translations. The part at the beginning of the second stone that was unclear does in fact say להאשה "to the woman" as Laurent assumed. If you look closely you can see that the bottom leg of the letter ה is there it's just faint.
Binyamin Kerman
Baltimore MD