Berko Portiansky or Portjanskii in Yelizabetgrad #ukraine #russia


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I am searching for information on my paternal great grandfather, Berko Portiansky or Portjanskii from Yelisabetgrad, Russia (now Ukraine). Berko brought his son, Nuta, to Philadelphia in 1904. Sometime later he returned to Russia, but there is no record of that. In 1912 his son, Leib came over to Philadelphia. The family name was changed to Porter. They were in the hides and skins business over there. I know there were other siblings who left Russia and moved all over the world. I remember hearing that one brother went to Argentina. Any help wopuld be appreciated.
Stuart Porter, Fort Defiance, VA

Sherri Bobish


It seems that "Yelizabetgrad" was the Yiddish variant town name, and today it is called Kirovohrad, Ukraine.

Here are some databases to search for your family, if you haven't already:
JewishGen Ukraine Database:
I suggest doing a soundex search on the surname, as names get spelled various ways in the records.

This site has old digitized Eastern European city and business directories.  You can check if they have anything for the town you are searching.

Hope this helps,

Sherri Bobish