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My grandfather was named David Schaffer.  His mother’s name was Reiza or Rose and her maiden name was Sussman or Zisman.  Reiza/Rose parents’ names were Zisu and Shiendla (maiden name Faibish). Zisu’s parents names were Marcu or Mordechai and Sura.  Reiza Sussman/Zisman was probably born sometime between 1844 and 1849. She died in Romania on June 30, 1912.  Reiza had a brother named Barnet Zisman (1860-1913).  Barnet had 2 sons – Nathan and Joshua.  They would have been my grandfather David’s cousins.  Nathan would later marry David’s oldest daughter Charlotte.  So Nathan Zisman was both my first cousin twice removed and my uncle through marriage.

David Schaffer
Vienna, Virginia


The Sussman News was compiled and published in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, from March 1934 to December 1939 by three Sussman cousins, all descendants of Yisroel Zisman (1837-1902) and Hinda Rachel Levin (1834-1921).  (Yisroel Zisman’s parents, Dov Ber Zisman and Fruma Rivka, were born about 1800 in or near Ponedel (Pandėlys), Lithuania):


Dr. Samuel Sussman (1895-1967) son of Louis (Laibzig) Zisman and Emma Meltzer;

Hirsh Laib Sussman (1890-1955), son of Berko Bertzig Zisman and Tone Fehler; and

Israel R. Sussman (1915-2005), son of Louis Sussman and Mollie (Dweire) Derman.


These three cousins, who were living in Philadelphia, created the biweekly newsletter to keep Sussman relatives in the U.S., Lithuania, and South Africa informed of each other’s activities, but also to share their family history and memories of ancestors from the 19th C in the Ponedel region (NE Lithuania).

You may download a complete searchable copy (920 pp.) at my website:   A sample of the contents is attached here.
Please let me know if you find ancestors so that I can offer you access to my extended family tree and add your branch and/or make corrections.
Debbie Shaw Schwartz