Winitsky/Vinitsky/Chudler from Detroit, Mich.

Steve Pickoltz

Here is an update on my Detroit search.
Besides Winitsky/Vinitsky let me now add Chudler.
The Chudler family consisted of a Lew and Ann who's son married a Lorraine Vinitsky in 1952.  At this wedding, there may have been cousins named Rofsky, also there, one by the name Henrietta.
I also have two 1934 addresses for the Venitsky familys, that I got off old envelopes.  One is 2640 Pregree Ave, the other is for 330 Owens Ave, both in Detroit.  It was hard to read the street names for both.
Maybe with this new info, someone may recognize these famlies.
Steve Pickholtz
New Jersey
searching--- Winitsky, Ostroff, Pickholtz and Klein/Kline
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