Judaica Bohemiae #austria-czech #general

Omri Arnon

Hello Group,
Does anyone have access to Judaica Bohemiae? there is an article I would
love to read: Miroslav Marada, The Oldest Tombstones in the Jewish Cemetery
of Tovačov (Tobitschau), in: "Judaica Bohemiae", 40/2004, S. 125 - 141 (my
6GF was from Tobitschau)
This is an Abstract
in https://www.ceeol.com/search/article-detail?id=210268&fbclid=IwAR3oBawUS5
Thank you
Omri Arnon,


Found reference to this here -    https://www.ceeol.com/search/article-detail?id=210268&fbclid=IwAR3oBawUS5  -  
By clicking on "Contents" you can get a PDF file - although it appears there is a fee for this

Dassy Wilen