Workshop: Researching Your Bessarabian and Transnistria Jewish Roots (English and Russian) #bessarabia #ukraine

Yefim Kogan

Hello dear researchers,

Our Bessasarabia group conducted two classes/workshops on a topic of Researching Your Bessarabian and Transnistria JewishRoots.

     December 13, 2020 - a workshop in English

     January 17, 2021 - a workshop in Russian.

You can find material on these TWO workshops at

You can see written material for each of these sessions or watch video for these workshops.

Both these sessions were mostly for new researchers.  We are planning to have more of these classes if there is an interest.

Please let Inna and me know what topics you would like us to cover.

I want to point you to a page on our website: Genealogical Conferences  -
where you can find many important topics of interest to our group.  Please check these pages for each conference from 2012 to 2020 and let group know if you found anything of interest to you.
Inna Vayner and Yefim Kogan
Bessarabia group Leaders and Coordinators