Deportations in Poland during nazi occupation #poland #holocaust

Jorge Frankon

Please, I would like to know where can I find information or research
about deportations in Poland during nazi occupation.
I am looking for information of where members of my family Frankon,
Frenkel, Frankel, and Kowalsman may have been deported from Zuromin,
Mlawa and Raciaz, in Poland.
Many thanks,
Jorge Frankon
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Bernard Flam

Hi from Paris,
Dear Jorge,
When we don't know the individual fate of our "Losts", we can search for the collective fate of the Jewish community of their shtetl or town.
I have checked and you can access Yiskor bukh (book of memory) of Mlawa, Raciaz and Zuromin directly on JewishGen web site :
Pages translated in English appear in blue.
Hope it helps !
Bernard Flam
Archives & history of Medem Center - Arbeter Ring (Bund / Workmen Circle of France)


This is a very broad subject. You could try arolsen-  in Germany and USHMM (United States Holocaust Memorial Museum) and fill in an application. Replies may take a while but they will get back to you.. . is an interesting read on forced labour.
Good luck.
Noreen nee Thorne


Hello Jorge,
I am not sure if you were referring to the August 1939 deportation to Zbaszyn of Polish citizens living in Germany.
You can read about it here:

"On October 27, 1938, German authorities began arresting Jews of Polish citizenship living in the Reich and transporting them to the Polish border. Responding to a Polish decree that all passports of Polish residents abroad would be rescinded by the end of October unless a special permit for reentry to Poland was received, the Germans preempted the Polish government by forcibly deporting thousands of Jews across the border into Poland."

I have a relative that was deported to Zbaszyn and so far we were not able to find any trace of him. There are some documents that I found at the JDC Archive while searcing by name at

Good Luck.
Yonat Klein
Syracuse NY