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For marriages in  many UK synagogues (including the Great Synagogue, London) from c.1880, you should try to get a copy of the Chief Rabbi's marriage authorization for the marriage,  in addition to a copy of the (civil) GRO marriage certificate, There is an index of the Chief Rabbi's marriage authorizations (1880-1920), and details of how to obtain a copy, at  . 

There are some delays  at the moment due to the Covid-19 restrictions. 
What information might I see on a marriage Authorisation?
  • The proposed place and date of marriage
  • The Hebrew and English names of the bride and groom
  • Their addresses
  • Their country of origin
  • The Hebrew names of the groom's unmarried brothers and which ones intend to attend the     marriage ceremony
  • Other Miscellaneous information

The documents are part Hebrew and part English.

In the search box on web page above, type in the name Dinah Jacobs.  There are several results with bride's of this name but only one with a spouse name of Simon SHERATSKI.  You can then order the document.

This index was a collaboration between the Jewish Genealogical Society of Great Britain and the United Synagogue who hold these records.

For a better understanding of the terminology used in the Chief Rabbi's Marriage authorisation the see: 
and a sample at 

Laurence Harris
London, England

arnold friedman <afriedman21@...>

hi, I need help in finding or how to find the marriage record for
dinah JACOBS who married in the Great Synagogue in London on 10 June
1903. I have the UK government marriage record, but i am looking for
the Great Synagogue record, so i can get more information on her
husband's family. I have been unable to find any information on
simon SHERATSKY (her husband) or variations of his name shown in the
UK marriage certificate besides this UK government marriage record..

In Canada and the US, Simon changed his name to Shereck and I have
substantial records for him in these locations.

more info, for those that are interested:
according to dinah JACOBS uk marriage record, simon SKERATSKY lived
prior to marriage at 24 jubilee street, mile end old town london.
Unfortunately in reviewing the 1901 census, there were no simons or
SHERATSKYs at 24 jubilee in 1901.

From simon SHERATSKY naturalization papers, I have his city of birth
as Pretokov, Poland in 1880. Simon's father is listed as asher
SHERATSKY.. cannot find any records of him either.
They were tailors, maybe furriers.

With more details on simon and asher, I could connect them back to
their polish roots/tree. I have tried ancestry, myheritage,jewishgen
and other searches without luck so far. I am a bit confused on how
to get the records for the Great Synagogue marriages.

I am also looking for the Great Synagogue marriage record for dinah
JACOBS father, morris JACOBS who married marianna green on 28 November
1977. Morris was also a tailor and father is Israel Jacobs (this
is from the Uk marriage record). Trying to find out more immediate
family members for morris so i can trace him back to Poland too

Help is greatly appreciated.


arnold friedman
redwood city, california

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