I am looking for my stepsister #general

Michaela Appel

I only found out now that I have a stepsister. Unfortunately I don't know a name, but maybe someone knows the woman who goes with this story.
Your mother would have to be an Italian citizen. In 1945 she was liberated from Mauthausen or Gussen and then became a DP camp in Leipheim, where she must have met my father Kalman Fuchs-Dikker. My sister should have been born in 1945 or 1946.But her mother went to Italy with another man around 1946/1947/1948.
As I found out, my father was looking for her but unfortunately never found it.
If someone knows such an experience, please contact me.
Michaela Fuchs-Appel 


Just to clarify, I think it is a half-sister whom you seek rather than a 'step-sister'. The former is a blood relative and the latter is not. Hope this helps. 
Best Sue Diamond

Vered Dayan

I have more questions than answers, but maybe they will give you a direction where to look. If your father hadn't already tried this, try to  check with Yad Vashem or the Holocaust Museum in Washington everything possible about this DP camp  and narrow your search - How many babies were born there around this time? How many baby girls? Where and how were the births recorded? Try to look for a birth certificate with your father's last name. You can also check the Bad-Arolsen online archive ( https://arolsen-archives.org/en/search-explore/search-online-archive/ ) for your father's name, maybe you'll find his DP card with some info.
Good Luck,
Vered Dayan

Sherri Bobish


Note this sentence in the following record collection:
"and the naming of children in the DP camps"

Guide to the Records of the Displaced Person Camps and Centers in Germany

" It also contains the records of local courts, which both handled accusations arising from the war years and administered marriages and the naming of children in the DP camps, mediating in this way between the past and the future."

Hope this helps,

Sherri Bobish

Daniel Horowitz

Hi Michaela, 
Have you considered a DNA test?
You may not hit directly your half-sister if she never tested, but maybe a descendant of her or a close relative from her side.
If you have done a test with a different company, you can upload the digital file to MyHeritage and other places for free.

Best regards
Daniel Horowitz

michele shari

I have Dikkers in my family tree, they were from Teresca, and I just emailed you. If you have not done DNA please seriously consider it as it is an invaluable tool.
Michele Farkas
Boynton Beach, FL (formerly NY)